You Can Be a Tin Caster

A new way to share your story

Tin Casters:
the stars of Tin Can

Think of Tin Can as your personal studio. Feel free to experiment and dabble with different sounds and content, using the Live or Record features. You can share your own music, podcast, favorite books, or poems. You can simply talk about your day or even chime in on the latest controversy. All you need is to open our app on your mobile phone and start broadcasting!

Become a Tin Caster today and find out how far your story can go!


Our Live feature offers a way for you to have real connections with other users. You can chat with your listeners, receive hearts from your top fans, and collect virtual gifts from patrons.

Share the little things in life

It's just like talking to your friends over a cup of coffee. We encourage you to talk about anything: the new book you’re reading, the person you're crushing on, or even a funny event you've encountered today.

Stream your music or playlists

Whether you are a songwriter, a singer or a radio DJ, if you are hoping to get some feedback on the song or playlist you've created, share it on Tin Can. You can get live reactions from your listeners.

Express your inner thoughts

Don't hesitate to open up and talk about your inner thoughts and feelings. Tin Can can be a place for you to tell your listeners how you feel and find someone who can understand you.

Comment on live events

Whether it’s the Superbowl or World Series Championship, keep your listeners on the edge of their seats with your sports commentary. Share the moment with your listeners.

Host Q&A sessions

Are you an expert on something? Let your listeners ask away! Share your knowledge, experiences, and perspective with people around the world.


Our Record feature offers a permanent way of publishing your audio tracks. Like our Live feature, Record will also allow you to receive comments, hearts, and virtual gifts from your listeners.

Produce your own podcasts

Tin Can is an easy and simple platform for you to start your own podcast. Try Tin Can to host your first podcast.

Upload ASMR sounds

Do you enjoy the sound of sizzling bacon, the crisp turn of a page, or the crunchy bite of an apple? Record the sound and share them on Tin Can with your fellow ASMR-lovers.

Discover your talent

Everyone has a hidden talent. Discover yours while recording yourself singing a song or telling a scary story.

Document your everyday life

Journal your daily experiences, thoughts, and emotions. Keep them private or publish them, the choice is yours.

Narrate something you like

Segment a mystery story into episodes to keep your listeners imagining or channel your inner narrator and read aloud a play.